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(From right to left: Matthew Garman, Partner/Construction Manager; Michael Garman, President; Charles Sensenig, Partner/Director of Operations; Nicole Enck, Sales Manager)

Pine Hill Building Co. is a collaboration of experience, passion and belief, that if you take the time to build a home with innovative design and thoughtful floorpans it will be embraced and loved by the homeowner. We are often asked why someone should choose Pine Hill Building Co over other area builders. Our answer would be that we are a local, hometown builder who takes pride in their work and their community. Collectively, we have been building homes for over 80 years in Central Pa. Our team has a common focus for our homes – we want them to look good, feel good and be a place that we would want to live with our families. We value the relationships we make with each customer and strive to provide them with a personal experience during the entire process from selecting their home and location all the way through construction to the day we proudly hand them the keys. We’re excited to share our passion for new homes with you! When you build with Pine Hill, you become family! 


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When you build with Pine Hill

You become Family

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